Staci and Bill McLauchlan

Staci was raised in a house surrounded by fabric. Her mother was a home economics teacher who tried everything to get her interested in sewing. Of course, being the independent, freewheeling teenager she was, Staci would have none of it.

It wasn’t until she was out on her own that Staci realized that in spite of her efforts to ignore the wisdom her Mom tried to impart, some of it actually took. She came to love fabric and the art of fabric composition.

Staci says, ‘I work exclusively with batiks. The richness and variation of the colors makes it possible to “paint” with fabric in a way that permits the whimsical as well as the formal.

Whether it’s contemporary curve and line compositions, tropical island scenery, or abstract textile designs, I have a vision that fabric art should always be alive and always inspire the viewer to wonder: Is it really fabric?’

Bill has been doing digital work practically since the personal computer was invented. He started with an Apple II computer in 1980. (Too bad he didn’t buy Apple stock at the same time!)   Bill is inspired by the millions of choices that digital imagery presents and constantly strives to test the limits.

Together, Staci and Bill are creating contemporary works of art that have their roots in fabric composition but then are digitally metamorphosed into designs that are abstract or representational.

For 12 years, they lived aboard their trawler “Tapestry” cruising from the Bahamas to Nova Scotia and the Canadian Maritimes and exhibiting at juried fine art shows along the way.  The boat is now captained by new owners and Bill and Staci are landlocked in Frederick, MD.