"Once again we sail home to Sarasota
As the ocean awash, the gunwale
And she still keeps her head above water
Guess we'll all live to tell this tale."*

Big changes for us this winter.  Instead of going to Marathon in the Keys for the winter, we're headed for Sarasota.

We'll certainly miss the Keys and especially the music of Joe Mama and John Holum, and the drinks and fries at Burdine's Tiki Hut.  Wait a minute.  Whose idea was this??

It only makes sense though.  From Marathon, it's a two-hour drive just to get to the Turnpike and then another 2-6 hours to the shows, depending on the city.  We'll be much closer to the venues and will actually be able to commute to several of them from our rental.  And surely they've got some decent fries in Sarasota!

We head down to Florida in about a week and our first show is 12/30-12/31 at Coconut Point in Estero.  Hoping to see some familiar faces there.


*"Ocean Awash the Gunwale" - Written by Dan Toler, Gregg L. Allman, Tony Colton.  Performed by The Gregg Allman Band.