The Rains Came

"The rain keeps falling.
Tears keep coming down"*

We were supposed to be in Williamsburg, VA this weekend for An Occasion For The Arts.  This is a great show with a long history and we were really looking forward to participating for the first time.

Hurricane Joaquin and a bunch of low pressure systems had other ideas.  Thursday evening, the show was canceled.  With major flooding, high winds, and continuous rain in the forecast, the show committee made a "safety first" decision.

Festival artists hate standing in their tents holding onto tent legs to prevent the whole thing from flying away while they simultaneous look at the barren streets where customers are supposed to be.  On top of that, we'd all be freezing.

So, what do you do when a weekend opens up?  We decided to make some popcorn, watch some old movies and a little football and just stay inside.

We're still on the wait list for the Bethesda Row show in a couple of weeks.  The only way we get in is if someone else cancels.  Either way, it's off to Florida before long!

Freddy Fender. Photo by Gene Pugh.

Freddy Fender. Photo by Gene Pugh.

*Written by H. Meaux, performed by Freddy Fender