“O Columbia! The gem of the ocean."

With a nod to Thomas á Becket, Sr. (not that one, the other one), we borrow the lyric to announce that our new "ocean" is Columbia, MD.

After too many months in the Residence Inn and several false starts that involved spreading escrow money near and far, we have moved into an apartment in this Baltimore/DC planned community.

The apartment is a brief detour from our ultimate destination, Frederick, MD. We've decided that is where we really want to settle but it looks like we need to wait patiently for some new downtown construction.

So, we may be in Columbia for a year or two and by no means is that a hardship. We're centrally located for our Spring-Fall show season and it's an easy walk to some fine restaurants.

If you find yourself at an art show and you see McLauchlan Digital Art, Columbia, MD, don't panic. That's still us. We're just sailing on a different ocean.