“You slide down into the sea from twelve hours on your feet
And get the tide to wash you away, thousands and thousands of days

Every time, every year, travelers come and go
You see them landing with their pale wings and flying back to the snow”*

We’re back in Marathon after a long drive down from Maryland.

The spring-fall show season was terrific.  We met lots of new people and happily watched as our art went home with many of them.

Getting out of MD was action packed.  We moved out of the apartment, put almost everything into storage, checked on the construction progress in Frederick, had Thanksgiving with the McLauchlan Clan –  Mom (94) & Dad (95), and all of Bill’s siblings and spouses.  What a great time indeed!

We avoided I-95 as much as we could and took the interesting back roads all the way to Savannah.  The drive was longer but we were moving all the time and didn’t see one stupid billboard for “Pedro” and the garish outpost in Dillon, SC.  Yippee!

A short detour took us to Orlando where we picked up the van at the airport.  Staci had eased her into a parking space a few weeks before via the AutoTrain.

The last six hours down to Marathon were filled with bright sunshine and warm and breezy air.   We turned west at Key Largo and headed into a panorama of turquoise, blue, and green water framed by palms and buttonwoods.  What’s not to love!

The show season starts on January 2 in Estero, FL.  Click the “Show Schedule” link or take a glance to the left to see where else you can find us.  We’ll be busy most weekends and have been creating some exciting new pieces to debut at these shows.  Hope to see you soon!

Patty Griffin. Photo by Ron Baker

Patty Griffin. Photo by Ron Baker

*”Florida”  Written and performed by Patty Griffin.