"Wasn't That a Mighty Storm"

"Rain it was a’ falling
Thunder began to roll
Lightning flashed like hell fire
The wind began to blow"*

The Patapsco River ultimately empties into Baltimore Harbor and the Chesapeake Bay.  Along the way, it runs through and under the quaint historic town of Ellicott City, MD.   

On July 30th, a 1,000 year rain hit Ellicott City, MD.  While the river has left it's banks many times in the past, six inches of rain in just a few hours was more than the city could handle.  Main Street businesses were devastated by flood waters.  

One of these businesses is the HorseSpirit Arts Gallery.   This is a new gallery that has only been open for about 8 months.  Staci and I, along with 40 other local artists have our work here.  

The gallery is owned by Robin Holliday, a wonderful woman whose post "regular" job dream has been to own a gallery.  She and her husband put their hearts and souls into getting HorseSpirit up and running and it was a wonderful place to visit.

The evening of the flood, Robin was in the gallery looking out the glass door at the rain pouring down.  Over the next minutes, she stayed at that door as the water got higher and higher.  In an irrational moment of "this thing's not going to beat me", Robin held the door closed until the water was chest high.  The door crashed open and the flood waters poured in.  Gallery helpers screamed at Robin to head for higher ground and safety.  They rode out the evening on the third floor.

Most of the art on the first floor was destroyed but happily, other than bumps and bruises, there were no serious injuries.

Robin's self-stated mission is to first make the artists whole and then get the gallery reopened.  It seems there are insurance problems as the adjuster maintains the agent issued the wrong policy type for a gallery.  Of course.

Given that, one of Robin's friends has set up a GoFundMe page for the Gallery.  If you love art and have even $5 to spare, I know how appreciative Robin would be.  

We think that all of our work survived intact but for lots of fine artists and fine crafters, the loss adds up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Next blog entry will be more up-lifting.  Promise.