"You make me go dizzy
I'm weak at the knees, yes
I feel like I'm walking
Round ten feet tall
I feel like I'm walking
Round ten feet tall"*

In 2012, we moved from a Scion, an EZUp tent, and tear-down GridWalls to a Nissan NV, a Trimline tent and 7' Propanels.  We were growing up in the Art Fair world.

At the time, I wanted to get a high roof Nissan but Staci prevailed.  "What could we possible want with a van that is nine feet tall?"  Here are a couple of shots of the Nissan after we are fully loaded.

We decided we were back in the same place that we were with the Scion four years ago.  There is no room for larger pieces and that seems to be the direction we are moving in.  Next stop - Nissan dealer.

After the dreaded back and forth, visits with the Manager", and a few "You've got to be kidding me" moments, we ended up with a great deal - a trade in we were thrilled with and a price that was better than we thought we could do.  Bottom line is a new NV High Roof with a lower monthly payment than we had before.

The next step was to get a carpenter involved.  We found a guy who does custom home work but was willing to take on our van in the evenings,  After the first day, here is what he had done. Don't ask me what the propane tank is for; I have no idea!

And here we are two days later!

This is gonna be great.  Now if we can only find a place to park the monster!


*"Ten Feet Tall" - Written/performed by XTC.